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E-Controls- Alumbrado Público

Control, building automation, lighting

HVAC, lighting, street lighting

E-Controls: HVAC-Clima Indoor lighting Street Lighting Industrial Control

E-Controls manufactures controls for HVAC, indoor lighting and street lighting remote control. All products are designed and manufactured following high quality standards and demanding development criteria, ensuring the supply of functional, attractive and innovative products.

The Company comprises a high qualified team, part of them experts in developing technologically complex devices that provide concrete solutions for a real market demand.

The operation structure of the Company includes all the development value chain of a product, from its first concept stage to the distribution channel, sales and after sales customer service. This structure can guarantee a high level of satisfaction to its customers and the way to get the objectives of the customer needs.

All devices developed in the company are focused to customer needs. In that line, one of the firsts design objectives is the functional ergonomic oriented to provide and easy to use, simple, clear and efficient of the facilities.

Quality is the most important factor in our products. All products are subject to a deep test level in the R&D laboratory and also in the testing department, to satisfy the CE mark standards.

Manufacturing is a key element to get the highest quality level. Products are designed from its initial state thinking in a further manufacturing process to be highly efficient and cost competitive.

Street Lighting

Street Lighting



One of the primary markets where E-Controls is present is the building HVAC-Clima automation. The product range on this area is focused on HAVC controller intelligent devices for zones or also called “room controls”. Intelligent thermostats that measure the temperature in a room or zone and controls the HVAC system (heating and cooling) to adapt the temperature to the user needs.

E-Controls devices for HVAC zone control are designed as a one single device including all necessary elements for a complete room automation. The concept is patented by E-Controls and allows the company to get a competitive advantage over the rest of the market manufacturers. The products stands out essentially thanks to an structure based on:

- Temperature sensor included on the device.
- User interface to monitor the zone status.
- User keyboard to adjust the temperature to customer needs.
- Digital and analog inputs for energy efficiency zone control.
- Control outputs for temperature level adjustment.
- Standard communication bus for a zone remote control.

Product references are distinguished by the user interface, number of input and outputs which may vary depending on the products needs and the market at which will be installed. The advantage of having one single device per zone is to provide a cost reduction in installation time, an easy to install system for the fitter and a reduction of the number of incidents in the cabling, thus providing a much better start up installation and further maintenance.


Indoor lighting

Indoor lighting control in buildings has placed the company as a Lighting Control System pioneering for refurbishment buildings. E-Controls has placed its product range for this market in the segment where the difficult to install a new cabling is the starting point of the retrofit. In order to avoid this project, the company developed in 2006 a scene lighting control system with no additional wiring to install, thanks to the fact that the mains wire is used to communicate different devices like pushbuttons, sensors and receivers. This concept, also well known as PowerLine communication, was stablished by E-Controls in its first lighting control products, using for that the robust and reliable LonWorks technology and becoming the first European company to develop a system like this.

But a system with this features should be start up without software tools and computers. The aim of the system was an easy to install but also to easy set up system. To get the advantage of this concept, the company developed an innovative set up system that does not need any tool because it takes the advantage of a mechanism to configure every receiver with the corresponding sensor (keypad, multisensor, etc), with no need to get any special tool. An easy to configure system based on a keypad and different lighting or blinds controllers can be configured by any technician or installer in only 4 steps, spending not more than 5 minutes. This set up advantage allows the installer to do it by himself and not depending of third companies.

The lighting control solution described above is also an ideal product range for new buildings where no new wires are needed, reducing the installation time and the usual cabling errors that are common in other systems.


Street Lighting

The control and automation systems applied on street lighting solutions allows the monitoring and control of remote installations. The common remote control streetlighting systems have been used basically for cabinet control until now, providing global monitoring cabinet control but not to monitor the status of any luminary.

With the Multilamp streetlight control system of E-Controls, it is possible to do a remote control point to point lighting control, with adding no additional wiring and with the possibility to focus on existing installations among than new ones. To this end, each luminary is equipped by a small electronic circuit called SLaM-ON, SLaM-BiLevel or SLaM-DALI, depending on the kind of control requested for the luminary providing switching it on and off or dimming its value independently, as well as to know the state of the lamps and detect / send individual lamp failure alarms to the control center.

If you need more information of the Multilamp system: - Remote StreetLighting


Industrial Control

Since the beginning, the company has developed different products for the industrial market, usually custom made devices to cover concrete project specifications for this market. In this area, E-Controls has developed DC voltage motor positioning systems with encoder, high voltage measuring devices, digital inputs Ethernet connected devices for automotive assembly lines and other analogic and digital I/O devices for different purposes.


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