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Scene Lighting Control with No Additional Wiring

descripcion_general E-Controls

e-Scene is an innovative keypad for lighting control of areas such as offices, meeting rooms, auditoriums, etc. This unit can control up to five lighting areas independently with On, Off and dimming functions for each area, optimising power consumption levels in real time. Each channel can control a motor for curtain or blind management, which provides for individual positioning as desired.

The keypad includes five memory locations to configure and apply different lighting scenarios, and can also control blind or curtain motor positioning, covering at all times lighting and curtain control functions according to user requirements.

Device control may also be performed using a remote control, which provides exactly the same functionality as the keypad. Please refer to the e-Scene Infrared literature.
e-Scene is designed to operate in conjunction with any e-Controller series product. These devices are the receivers that will collect the transmitted signal and perform accordingly.

No additional wiring is required to install this solution, dramatically reducing installation time and cost, providing an optimal solution for building refurbishment or rehabilitation.

No computer or special software is necessary to configure the unit, rendering this solution even more versatile and easy to install.
Based on the ISO/IEC (LonWorks®) communication standard, this device may be integrated into any LonMark® system in the market.

Main technical features
Five channels for lighting and blind control
Five memory locations for lighting scenarios
User programmable memories
Blue LED backlit touch keys
Infrared receiver for remote operation
95-250 Vac supply voltage
PowerLine mains data transmission
ISO/IEC 14908 LonWorks® bus
BTicino Light frame
May integrate in LonMark® open systems

Product reference: BT.51G000-000

Power Supply: 95-250Vac
Technology: LonWorks ISO/IEC 14908
Channel type: PowerLine

Number of inputs: 15
Inputs: 5 channels, 5 scenes, ON, OFF, UP, DOWN, REC


The e-Scene keypad includes 5 channels allowing to control 5 independent receivers (or independent groups of receivers). Each channel may be controlled as desired, providing for activation or deactivation of a remote contact or for light dimming if the channel is associated to an adjustable lighting control ballast.

The unit includes ON/OFF/UP/DOWN pushbuttons that allow turning on and off and dimming luminaires. If the channel to be controlled includes curtain or blind motors, the ON/OFF keys will perform the complete raising up and lowering functions of the motor; while the UP/DOWN keys will allow positioning the curtain precisely as desired.

For lighting/blind scenario control, 5 keys are available to store luminaire dimming level and curtain position. The REC key allows storing the scenario at any time, as required by the user. This REC key may be blocked using a key sequence (please refer to the installation sheet), in order to prevent the storing of scenarios. Pressing a scenario key at any time will automatically apply the selected scenario, setting each lighting channel at the predefined dimming level and positioning each curtain/blind at the corresponding level.

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