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e-Room Panasonic Stand-Alone

Stand-Alone room controller for climate VRF Panasonic system installations

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e-RoomŪ Panasonic Stand-Alone is a device designed to perform a global room automation, providing a high comfortable level, an energy cost reduction, and a better integration of the rooms in the building.

The device enables or stops an indoor unit climate, lighting and curtains control and manages the state of a secondary zone climate when room changes into occupied or unoccupied state, reducing energetic consumption and efficiency integrating climate into global room control.

The device is a compact unit that includes a large backlight display screen, a built in temperature sensor, pushbuttons on the front panel, and inputs and outputs for a global control of the main room services.

Product reference: RV.004401-000
Channel type:

Number of inputs: 4
Inputs: IN1, IN2, IN3, IN4 (Refer to configuration table)

Number of outputs: 4
Outputs: OUT1, OUT2, OUT3, OUT4 (Refer to configuration table)


The room controller e-RoomŪ Panasonic Stand-Alone is a device designed to perform a global room automation for hotels, offices or homes with climate systems based on VRF Panasonic indoor units. The device has a communication protocol which allows managing a climate indoor unit without needing other remote controls, interacting with the unit when occupied or unoccupied room is detected.

The device has digital/analogue inputs which are used to detect the occupancy room state through a keycard contact or motion sensor and door contact, in addition of a window contact which is used to stops climate when the window is open. It is possible to control a second zone climate on separate rooms like bedroom and bathroom throughout an analogue input connecting an external temperature sensor. The device includes various relay outputs to control different functions like lighting state, motorized curtains or blinds and a second zone climate.

There are four possible operating modes on the device; each one has a different operating and input/output configuration, which must be selected depending on the installation configuration that better suits to the operating requests.

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