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Better success than expected on the Climatizacion 2013 exhibition

Good welcome of the market for the new multisensors for Lighting control, freely programable I/O devices and multiprotocol gateways of E-Control for building automation in the Climatización 2013 exhibition

Noticias E-Controls
Noticias E-Controls

E-controls was present in the last exhibition Climatizacion 2013 held in Madrid from February the the 26th and March the 1st. The company presented all its news and novelties of innovative products that provide a global management control of the buildings, from HVAC zone control to production plants management among lighting control of different parts of the buildings.

The exhibition was the channel to present the new multisensors for motion and lighting detection used to automatically switch on, off and dim lights of the installations with the concept to save energy based on the zone occupancy and natural lighting shinning inside the building.

On the freely programmable controllers side, the company presented the new LIOB devices, based on five different products with different I/O configurations and three channel ports configuration, where can be found LonWorks TP/FT-10 twisted pair, LonWorks IP (Ethernet) and BACnet IP (Ethernet), where any type of installation can be controlled using functions like PIDs, schedulers, data history and alarms management. Among that, the devices include a freely programmable SCADA built in application over which the user can monitor and control the installation to manage the different control points of the building.

Finally, the new LGATE-950 multiprotocol gateway was presented also on the exhibition, a new device that provides multiple protocol interconnection for building automation applications. The gateway includes an Ethernet channel over which several protocols communicate like BACnet/IP, Modbus TCP, LonMark IP or IP-852 and KNX/IP, and also field buses like BACnet MS/TP, LonMark TP/FT-10, Modbus RTU (RS-485), M-BUS and KNX TP1.

E-Controls is constantly improving and innovating new products to provide concrete solutions for the building automation market.

If you could not come to the Climatizacion 2013 exhibition you can visit now our booth in our Flickr channel clicking here

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