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E-Controls presents a noiseless motion sensor specially designed for hotel rooms

E-Controls presents e-Detector Noiseless, a noiseless motion sensor specially designed for hotel rooms with silicon technology that avoids mechanical noises

Noticias E-Controls
Noticias E-Controls


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E-Controls has developed a new family of noiseless motion sensors for hotel rooms and places where the mechanical noise of relay contacts can be a problem to avoid. The e-Detector Noiseless device is a ceiling flush mounting motion sensor with a transistor type optoisolated output that can be connected directly to an voltage digital input, available in any climate room controller of the e-Room family or any standard digital input of any manufacturer module. The device is directly powered at mains and can be installed anywhere in the world thanks to its wide input voltage range that goes from 95 to 250Vac 50/60Hz.

The motion sensor is designed with the digital technology of E-Contols, providing a sensitivity that can detect any small movement in the detection area covered by the device. Beside that, a potentiometer is available on the device to manually adjust the motion sensor sensitivity, making it specially useful when it is installed in compromised zones where the temperature can be a problem, avoiding false detections.

When the device detects a valid movement, the detection output becomes active for 5 seconds, providing a closed contact signal on its output for the digital input responsible to monitor the motion signal.

Click here to visit the webpage of the product.

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