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e-Room Modbus, a room controller for hotel automation with fan-coil installations

The new product family of fan-coil controllers for hotel and office room automation, that can be easily integrated in any Modbus RTU RS-485 control network

Noticias E-Controls
Noticias E-ControlsNoticias E-Controls
Noticias E-Controls


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The new fan-coil room controller product family with Modbus communication bus can be easily integrated in a based control RS-485 network using the Modbus RTU protocol. Multiple gateways and control systems based in Modbus like LINX-100 can be used to poll the status of the devices on the network and represent their value through an Scada system. The bus is specially defined for devices that need to share the information with a central control system, to monitor and control over the device through different I/O registers.

e-Room Modbus is a fan-coil controller for hotel and office autoamtion including a bigh LCD display to show the temperature, setpoint, heat/cool, fan-coil speed and different alarms of the installation. It includes an embedded temperature sensor and different inputs and outputs to control the zone, detecting occupany throuogh a keycard contact or a motion sensor, a window contact to save energy when the window is opened, two analog inputs to connect a water temperature sensor and an ambient temperature sensor and different relay outputs to control the heat/cool valves, fan-coil speed and lighting contact. The device has been designed to minimize the product cost and the installation and set-up process, taking into account that everything is in the same device.

The device is including different operating modes for different installation topologies which, through a configuration register, the device is programmed to operate in the selected mode, reducing the integration time due to an easy, versatile and flexible set-up process.

Throughout the communication bus it is possible to access to all of the configuration parameters to adjust the device to the installation requests. Some input/output registers are used to monitor the parameters and remotely access to it using the input registers and controlling the device through the BMS system of the installation.

e-Room Modbus is the ideal complement of the E-Controls fan-coil controllers portfolio and can be used in conjunction with the LINX automation server to manage the installation, with the possibility to monitor the device with the embedded SCADA on the LINX.

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