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New freely programmable input/output controllers for BACnet and LonWorks networks

E-Controls presents 34 input/output module family products and freely programmable controllers for BACnet and LonWorks networks

Noticias E-Controls
Noticias E-Controls


E-Controls is presenting a new family of input/output modules and programmable controllers LIOB I/O for BACnet and LonWorks networks, available in different bus field configurations for different type of installations.

The LonWorks products family is available for free topology twisted pair TP/FT-10 bus and for Lon over IP (Ethernet IP852). The BACnet product family is available for BACnet/IP networks.

Click on the following links for a direct access to see the devices:

LIOB-15X Lon TP/FT-10
LIOB-45X Lob IP-852
LIOB-18X Lon TP/FT-10 Programmable
LIOB-48X Lon IP-852 Programmable
LIOB-58X BACnet/IP Programmable

Every product family is including five modules with different analog and digital input/output configurations, that can be adapted to any type of installation where any measurement like temperature, humidity, pressure, digital sensors are needed. Also any kind of output like analog 0-10V or digital with relays in different currents or triac is available.

The LIOB I/O is divided in two families, one of input/output modules and another for programmable controllers. The input/output modules are devices to report the status of its inputs and over which one can actuate to the outputs through the bus. The controllers are freely programmable devices with which any kind of function like PID, frecuency converters, pulse count, etc can be done.
The devices are LonMark certified and BTL for BACnet, they are also DIN rain mountable and include a backlighted display to show the status of its inputs and actuate over its outputs using a jog-dial pushbutton, avoiding the need to do it using an specific computer or touchscreen.

The programmable controller families include an integrated web server and internal memory to fit in custom designed screens using the LVIS Configurator application. This makes the devices be used also as SCADA terminals in a building. In case the installation is including an SCADA application, the devices include an integrated XML-DA OPC Server that can be used to share the datapoint status of the device.

This product family is including the Loytec AST functions, which provide Alarms to detect certain level input values and compare them to a predefined level, sending an alarm through an e-mail trigger or jumping to an specific screen on the internal SCADA. The Scheduler functions are also available and can be used to switch on, off or modify parameters like setpoints, etc. to automate functions in buildings. Also Trendings are available on the device to monitor and record the status of any input in real time.

The entire product family is based in 34 different devices, that can be used to provide control and automation to any kind of installation with the warranty of the Loytec manufacturer represented by E-Controls.

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