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New room controllers for hotel automation presented by E-Controls at the IHTF (International Hotel Technology Forum)

E-Controls presented the new family of room controllers for hotel automation, designed to get the maximum comfort and energy saving in rooms.

Noticias E-Controls
Noticias E-Controls


E-Controls presented the new family of room controllers for hotel automation, designed to get the maximum comfort and energy saving in rooms, in the last International Hotel Technology Forum held in Barcelona the last 29 and 30 of April.

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The products presented have been designed to minimize the recurrent operational costs in energy consumption, which are usually up to 75% of the global energy costs of any hotel, divided in climate control and lighting control. The rooms are a big part of the energy cost of the hotel and a properly desgined room controller is a key factor to reduce the energy bill of the building.

E-Controls presented the new e-Room Plus Stand-Alone PIR, an affordable room controller for any kind of installation, which includes a motion sensor integrated in front of the device, to know if the room is occupied and takes the advantage of switching the lights and the climate off when the room becomes unoccupied. The device is including also a window contact to automatically switch off the climate control when the window is open and automatically switches it on again when the guest closes the window.

It was also presented the new e-Room Panasonic product family, a new room automation concept for direct expansion climate installations. This device has been designed to do a direct control of Panasonic indoor unit machines and the room management with the same device. The product is including some input and output analog and digital signals to know if the room is occupied, but also the window status to automatically switch off the climate when it is opened. The product family is defined by a stand-alone model, a Modbus RS-485 model for remote control in Modbus networks and a LonWorks TP/FT-10 model also for remote control in LonWorks networks.

Also the new motion and light sensor e-Multisensor Auto product family was presented. The new e-Multisensor AutoOnOff is a motion and light sensor to automatically switch on and of the lights when a movement has detected. The device is including a light sensor that can be configured to switch on the lights only when there is not enough light on the zone and a movement is detected. Then, the device does not switch on the lights when there is enough light. But the product can also automatically switch off the lights when there are switched on and enough natural light enters in the room. This solution saves up to 30% more energy than any other motion sensor without this feature.

The other product of the family is e-Multisensor AutoDim 1-10V, a motion and light sensor with an integrated constant light controller on it, that controls the right amount of light at any time of the day. The device is configured with an exact amount of light and it takes the advantage to automatically dim the light to keep the same light level on the zone during the day, saving as much energy as possible.

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