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Training courses for Input/Output Programmable Controllers LIOB I/O for LonWorks and BACnet networks

New training courses oriented to integrators interested in gaining knowledge for building control networks

Noticias E-Controls
Noticias E-Controls


E-Controls informs of the new training courses of Input/Output Programmable Controllers LIOB I/O, devices available in multiple input/output configurations, different communication buses, internal application for programming, web server for pre-design graphics monitoring and alarms, scheduling and trending functions.
The training courses are divided in two parts: Programmable controllers and Graphical design.

The programmable controllers training course will be done from 13 to 15 May and is based in three journeys of 8 hours per day to explain about the programmable controllers applied over the LIOB I/O input/output modules and the LINX automation servers in its different families. The course is oriented to those integrators interested in the new Loytec programmable controllers that can be used for HVAC plant controller, industrial plants or any other system where input/output programming will be required to do control functions.

The Graphical design training course provide enough information to design any screen to monitor and control the state of different inputs and outputs of an installation, among monitoring alarms, schedulers and trends. The training course will be done the 16th and 17th of May, consisting in two days, eight hours per day, and can be applied to any of the Loytec devices including the SCADA application like the LVIS Touch Panels, the LINX automation servers or the input/output programmable controllers LIOB I/O.

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