e-Room Controller 2I/4O Stand-Alone is an stand-alone fan-coil controller for hotel rooms, offices and zones, with the smallest features to cover the requests of a 2 pipes fan-coil installation. The device includes 2 digital inputs for occupancy control with a keycard contact and a window contact input for energy saving purposes. The device has three relay outputs for the fan-coil speed and one output for a heat/cool valve actuator.

The product is installed with the e-Display device which has some pushbuttons, temperature sensor, and visualization display. The device provides the supply voltage and communication bus to the display. The device is directly supplied from mains and is designed to be installed in a DIN rail enclosure.

Main Features:

  • Fan-coil controller designed for 2 pipes installations 
  • Two digital inputs dry contact: Keycard contact and window contact
  • Three relay outputs for fan-coil speeds
  • One relay output for valve control
  • Mains power supply 
  • Fan-coil type configuration: 3 speed / 1 speed
  • Eco mode on unoccupied zone (Off / ECO set-point)
  • Maximum/minimum configurable setpoint for heat and cool
  • Fan coil speed configurable locked with no demand
  • Heat/Cool setpoint in ECO mode
  • Configurable heat/cool dead band
  • Time to change into stand-by mode when room changes to unoccupied state


Ordering number: 
Supply input: 95-250Vac
Technology: Stand-alone
Field bus: Not available
Number of inputs: 
Input names: 
Keycard contact, Window contact
Number of outputs: 
Outputs names: 
Fan-Coil speed (I, II, III), Heat/cool valve actuator


The product is designed for DIN rail installation. It should not be installed on shelves, above or near heat or wet sources, or exposed to direct sunlight. 


  • For a correct operating of the system it is necessary to install the device separating the very low voltage wires (inputs) of the mains wires (device supply and outputs) in the cabinet.
  • Use shielded wire for the communication bus of the BMS system and the inputs of the device.
  • Use the correct wires as specified in the installation drawing of the device.


  • Prior to installing or removing the device, ensure that there is no mains voltage present in the wiring to be connected or near the unit.
  • Do not cut or roll up the wires to be connected to the device.
  • Do not work on the wiring with wet hands.
  • Do not open or drill through the device.
  • Keep the device and the supply wires away from moisture and dust.
  • Use a damp cloth to clean the device.

 Installation steps:

  1. Disconnect the supply voltage of the cabinet.
  2. Open the cabinet and install the device in the DIN rail placing the black clip at the bottom. Pull down the clip and press the device to insert it into the rail. Release the clip and check the device is correctly fitted.
  3. Verify that all the wires are installed following the constructive mounting diagram provided.
  4. Check all the wires meet all the specifications and connect them into the female terminals following the installation diagram. Connect the terminals into the device.
  5. Connect the power supply and verify the correct operating of the device.
  6. Close the cabinet.


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