e-Room® Plus is a device that provides room climate and lighting energy management control. It is designed to optimise energy savings in room or zone climate and lighting services. The unit includes various operating profiles to cover every possible requirement for offices, hotels, hospitals and other buildings such as old people’s homes.

Energy Efficiency
• Up to 25% energy savings
• HVAC + lighting control in a single device
• Occupancy monitoring based on card reader contact or presence detector
• Window contact stops HVAC operation
• Configurable Max/Min setpoints
• ECO mode for climate and lighting control

Remote Management
• Remote or programmable On/Off control
• Adjustable setpoints
• Pushbutton locking feature

• ISO/IEC 14908 LonWorks bus
• LonMark compatible

• One single device per zone
• Reduced installation time
• Improved maintenance

• Stand-alone operation
• 2 pipe/4 pipe systems
• 3 fan-coils speeds
• 24 Vac/24 Vdc supply voltage
• TP/FT-10 twisted pair
• Simon 82 or Nature series frame
• Optional external temperature sensor
• Infrared receiver for remote operation

Ordering number: 
Supply input: 24Vac/24Vdc
Technology: LonWorks
Field bus: TP/FT-10 Twisted Pair
Number of inputs: 
Input names: 
Card reader contact, window contact, water temperature sensor, external temperature sensor, lighting pushbutton
Number of outputs: 
Outputs names: 
Fan coil speeds (I, II, III), Cool valve actuator, Warm valve actuator, lighting output

Infrared receiver: YES

e-Room® Plus is designed for either stand-alone operation or to be integrated into a network to perform remote control through the standard ISO/IEC 14908 (LonWorks®) communication bus. The device includes card reader contact and window contact inputs for heating, ventilation and air conditioning energy savings, in addition to a digital input and a relay output for lighting control purposes. Furthermore, it includes relay outputs for Warm/Cool valve actuators On/Off control and three outputs for fan coil speed management.


The device includes all the necessary inputs and outputs for integral HVAC zone management. Installation time is thus significantly reduced, in addition to any faulty wiring issues when two or more pieces of equipment are to be installed.


Standard LNS tools use a device XIF network interface file for setup. The device is a LonMark compatible product and includes the functional profiles as prescribed by the standards; they allow seamless integration of the device into any LonWorks network where HVAC production control systems by other manufacturers may be present.


| | Product Features Document
| | Product Installation Document
| | 1 | IR receiver instruction sheet | Códigos Receptor Infrarrojo
| | 1 | LonWorks integration file | Documento XIF para integración con LNS - Producto V0.3.0
| | 1 | LonWorks integration file | Documento XIF para integración con LNS - Producto V0.3.1

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