The LIOB I/O products are a family of Input/Output devices featuring different I/O setups. The modules provide first class performance and extensive resources thanks to the 32 bit microcontroller embedded on them.

The family of LIOB-FT I/O Modules offer network connectivity to a LonMark TP/FT-10 channel. All devices support the interoperable LonMark mode (network variables based on SNVTs) as well as the L-INX mode for operation with L-INX and L-ROC devices via "Plug and Play" mechanisms (no binding necessary).

All LIOB-FT I/O Modules are LonMark certified. In LonMark mode, the LIOB-FT I/O Modules support the Enhanced Command Set and have 512 address table entries available.
This guarantees highest flexibility in operation and makes binding limitations obsolete. In L-INX mode, up to 24 L-IOB Modules can be connected to a L-INX Automation Server or an L-ROC Room Controller (apart from LINX-x0x, or LINX-x1x with a maximum of 8 modules).

During the installation of the LIOB-FT I/O Modules in L-INX mode, the station addresses have to be set up via the jog dial, so each module is properly recognized and integrated at initial operation. The complete L-IOB configuration is stored in the dedicated L-INX or L-ROC device to enable L-IOB device changes without any further device configuration and without the need for further software configuration tools.

Input/Output configuration family products:

LIOB-FT I/O Module: 8 UI, 2 DI, 2 AO, 8 DO (4xRelay 6A, 4xTriac [email protected])

LIOB-FT I/O Module: 8 UI, 12 DI

LIOB-FT I/O Module: 6 UI, 6 AO, 8 DO (Relay 6A)

LIOB-FT I/O Module: 6 UI, 6 AO, 5 DO (4xRelay 16A, 1xRelay 6A)

LIOB-FT I/O Module: 7 UI, 4 AO, 7 DO (5xRelay 6A, 2xTriac [email protected]), 1 Pressure Sensor (0-500Pa)

Ordering number: 
Supply input: 24Vdc
Technology: LonWorks
Field bus: TP/FT-10 Twisted Pair
Number of inputs: 

The modules contain a 128x64 display with backlight showing device and data point information. A jog dial is used for local operation by navigating through detailed information on the display and for operating and overriding of data points.

The configuration of the L-IOB I/O Modules is done with the L-INX Configuration Tool. L-IOB Modules provide removable, vibration-proofed terminal screws with a clamping yoke connection in a 5.08 mm raster for wiring. These terminals can accommodate diameters from 0.2–2.5 mm² (26–12 AWG).

Features LIOB-FT I/O Module:
• Physical Inputs and Outputs
• LonMark TP/FT-10 channel
• 128x64 display with backlight
• Local access to information about device status and data points
• Manual operation using the jog dial
• Configuration through L-INX configuration tool
• Removable terminal with a clamping yoke connection to accommodate diameters from 0.2-2.5 mm² (26-12 AWG)
• Simple device replacement without software tool
• Interoperable LonMark and L-INX "Plug and Play" mode (switchable)
• LonMark Certified device


The dimensions of the devices are presented on the drawing above.


Features of the I/O:

The Universal Inputs (UI) are corresponding to Class 1 with 1% accuracy, input voltage range of 0 to 30V.

Types of input:
• Binary Input:
o Input impedance: 10 KOhm
o Sampling rate: 10 mSec

• Voltage metering 0-10V
o Input impedance: 10 KOhm
o Sampling rate: 1 Sec

• Current Loop 4-20mA
o Input impedance: 249 Ohm
o Sampling rate: 1 Sec

• Resistance Measurement:
o Input impedance: 10 KOhm
o Sampling rate: 1 Sec

The Digital Inputs (DI) and Counter Inputs (S0-Pulse) are fast binary inputs, which can also be used as counter inputs (S0), corresponding to Class 1 with 1% accuracy, input voltage range of 0 to 30V.

• Input impedance: 10 KOhm
• Sampling rate: 10 mSec
• S0-Pulse: Positive switching

Analog Output (AO)
• Resolution: 10 bit
• Signal range: 0-10V, optional 0-12V
• Current: max. 10mA (short circuit proofed)
• Input impedance: 1.2 KOhm for linear output

Digital Output (DO)
• Relay Output:
o Switching capacity: 6A, 250Vac resp. 30Vdc
16A, 250Vac resp. 30Vdc
• Triac Output
o Switching capacity: 1A, 24 to 230Vac

Pressure Sensor
• Differential pressure sensor with 2 hose connectors:
o 0-500 Pa
o 3/16” (4,8mm) hose connector


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