The new contactless pushbutton e-Touchless allows you to press without touching the switch, doing a back and forth wave to open with the hand, solving any hygienic problem to open motorized automatic doors, switching on/off lights, etc.

The product is available in different versions to provide multiple applications for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices and commercial buildings: With a potential free relay output or with optocoupler output to connect to a digital input

The contactless pushbutton e-Touchless has multiple operating modes that can be easily configured thanks to the new EConfigurator APP which, through the NFC proximity wireless technology available in most mobile phones, the configuration is transferred in only 2 seconds to the device.

The device can be configured in two different modes:

  1. In switch mode: At every detection, the device output state changes, to actuate over any device like switching on and off lights or open and close an automatic door.
  1. In pushbutton mode: When there is a detection, the output is activated and after a configurable time between 1 second and 60 minutes, it automatically deactivates the output, returning to its original state. With this configuration it is possible to actuate over an automatic door, corridor lights, stairs or toilets, or every other element that requires a time delay to switch off.

Among that, the device has two possible detection modes:

  1. Detection by presence: It allows detecting an object or a person un a detection range configurable from 10 cm to 2,5 meters, with the advantage that while the object or person is in the defined area, the device will remain in the detection state.

  1. Gestural detection: When doing the back and forth hand movement to press the mechanism, but without having to touch it, the device recognizes the movement and performs the detection, acting on the output as has been configured in switch or pushbutton mode.

Another function configurable on the device is the output state in standby mode, called NO/NC (Normally Open / Normally Closed). When the device is in non detection state, it is possible to configure the output state, to be opened or closed.

With the EConfigurator APP it is possible to configure all the parameters of the device in only 2 seconds, without using any other tool, making the commissioning process of the device really easy and affordable for any installer.