Introducing the new category of multifunctional touch switches totally customizables for control and management of buildings with DALI, KNX, LonWorks and Modbus

The new family of customizable touch switches are provided of multiple functionalities and different interfaces with the most well known standard communication protocols of the market such as DALI, KNX, Lonworks, Modbus, and also control 0-10V and OnOff


The new range of touch switches e-Touch Flexi and e-Touch Panel are a multifunctional mechanisms for the dimming and control of lighting, scene control, motorized curtains and shutters, air conditioning and any other function to be wished for building automation. The pusbuttons are completely customizable, and they provide a total adjustment to the needs of each project. The articles have a new technology, patented by e-Controls, that offers the possibility of customize each button depending on the need of the facility. Moreover, it is also possible to modify the design after its installation, without being necessary to change the device, with the benefits they imply to the owner of the building but also to the installer.

Through the application web e-Touch Creator in it is possible to select icons, colours and texts to define every button of the device and adapt it to the needs of the room. The keyboards are connected to the frames of the family e-Bus Coupling that provide the open interoperable standard communication protocol that best fits to the facility, such as #DALI, #KNX, #LonWorks and #Modbus, or coupling units with 0-10V analog outputs and relay OnOff, so it provides a totally flexible solution that permits to adapt them to the needs of the accommodation.

The touch switches include an NFC wireless proximity interface so they can be configured through the APP EConfigurator using a mobile phone or tablet with the Android operating system, even without having to supply power them or remove from their packaging box, which highly  facilitates the setup process or commissioning, so it is possible to send them fully configured from the office to the client, without being necessary to go to the site. It is also possible to set up them with the software application of the own communication protocol selected, so it achieves multiple options that allow carry out any building or facility project.

E-Touch Flexi and e-Touch Panel is a completely customizable and adjustable solution to the needs of each project, that provide incomparable results in the facilities.