e-Touch Display 4P2 White is a touch panel display for climate and lighting control that is connected to an intelligent frame e-Bus Display or e-Bus Controller to manage the climate and lighting control in a room or zone. The touch panel has a built-in temperature sensor and a humidity sensor (optional) to measure both parameters, and is it possible to supply it in any colour or graphical design, to adapt it to any building interior design. Likewise, there are four touch buttons that allow the panel to be adapted to the needs of each installation.

The device has a mechanism to connect the panel to the e-Bus Display or e-Bus Controller frame (read datasheet) which is including the inputs and outputs requested for the climate and lighting control, but also the communication bus for the room or zone remote management and control.

e-Touch Display has a new configuration mechanism based in the NFC near field communication technology to program the device using and Android based mobile phone with the help of the new E-Configurator APP developed by E-Controls, making the commissioning process extremely easy for anyone and drastically reducing the set up time and reducing to zero the potential configuration errors. The device is including a proximity infrared sensor to detect nearly movements to automatically switch on the device backlight to easily track the device in dark conditions.

General features

  • 4 pushbuttons.
  • Blue LED to show ON/OFF climate state.
  • Wide area LCD Display.
  • Digital temperatura sensor.
  • Humidity sensor (optional model).
  • Wireless NFC sensor.
  • Proximity sensor.
  • Available colours: white, black, customizable.
  • Easy configuration with APP and NFC technology without need to power the equipment. 
  • Device configuration without unpackaging.
  • Multiple configurations of pushbuttons available.
  • Freely customizable look and feel.
  • Temperature and humidity sensors.
  • Proximity sensor for backlight auto-on (in black model).

NOTE: Frame is not included.

Product commercial reference table:


Ordering number: 
TD.004100-010 - e-Touch Display 4P2 White / TD.004102-010 - e-Touch Display 4P2 Black


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