The LDALI‑PD1 module enables the control of phase‑cut dimmed consumers via a DALI channel. Typical application scenarios are the integration of 230V LED-retrofit‑bulbs or halogen lamps in DALI lighting applications.

The device supports a wide voltage range from 85‑240 V AC 50/60Hz. The LDALI‑PD1 is suitable for loads from 1VA up to 150VA. The load type (RL/RC) is automatically detected and used to select a suitable dimming‑method (leading or trailing edge phase‑cut). The dimming range is 3%‑100%.

General features

  • Easy integration into LOYTEC L-DALI lighting system and LROC-40x room automation controllers.
  • Device configuration with the free LINX Configurator or via the built-in web server of the L-DALI controller.
  • Dimmable built-in phase-cut dimmer.
  • Automatic load detection and selection of leading or trailing edge phase-cut dimming.
  • Suitable for phase-cut dimmed consumers like dimmable retrofit LED and CFL lamps, halogen lamps…
  • Wide range voltage support (85‑240 V AC 50/60Hz).
  • Up to 64 LDALI‑PD1 modules per DALI channel with sufficient dimensioned bus supply.
  • Supplied via DALI channel.
  • Electrically isolated between DALI and mains.
  • Open circuit detection.
  • DALI specification IEC 62386‑102 and IEC 62386‑205 supported.
  • Firmware update via DALI.
  • Dimensions (mm): 51 x 41 x 21 (L x W x H).
Ordering number: 
Supply input: DALI (16Vdc)
Technology: DALI
Field bus: DALI
Number of outputs: 
Outputs names: 
Phase-Cut Dimmer


The LDALI‑PD1 is designed for installation in distribution boxes or behind standard plugs in installation boxes.


The integration of the module in the DALI network follows the same simple steps as the integration of a DALI lamp. The device supports the DALI‑specification IEC 62386‑205 (Device Type 4, “Incandescent lamp”). The LDALI‑PD1 modules are directly connected to a DALI‑channel and also supplied with energy by that channel. Thus in case of a system failure the intended state of the output is off.

The LDALI‑PD1 is equipped with an open‑circuit detection that indicates a lamp failure if no load is connected.


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